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About the Well Fruit Company

  • Company has developed a new technology that produces a “clean” and natural, flavor-filled food-based delivery system for health and wellcare solutions
  • Technology is a cost-effective system that has the potential to deliver superior therapeutic and organoleptic properties

100% Natural Ingredients:

  • Nearly any IQF fruit and/or vegetable can be blended with the active drug or supplement powder or liquid form in the preparation of the freeze-dried base to match the required dosing protocol.
  • Unique combinations of fruits create a superior taste perception while naturally masking the residual taste of the active ingredients. The naturally sweet taste is delivered via specific combinations of fruits and vegetables. This process has been shown to support a wide range of segments including vitamins, OTC drugs, minerals, supplements, probiotics, and CBD extract oils.

How it works

Technology And Finished Product Process Flow

  • IQF

    Fruit/Veggies are individually quick frozen, water in cell expands and "cracks" cell wall

  • Mix and Extrude

    Fruit/Veggies are than mixed and "squeezed" which adds more stress to the cell wall

  • Addition of Active

    Desired supplement/active ingredient(s) are added to the fruit/veggie base with proprietary process to ensure even dispersion

  • Freeze Dried (Lyophilized)

    Fruit/Veggies base with supplement/active ingredient(s) are freeze dried in various shapes and sizes

The Well Fruit product delivery

Ease of Ingestion:

The small fruit pieces are easily swallowed by consumers as the piece breaks down in the mouth with normal saliva or taken with water. As such, consumers suffering from various symptoms of dysphagia can easily consume the product form. Form minimizes choke hazards for younger consumers.

Clean Label:

IQF fruit and vegetable raw materials are picked ripe; cleaned; sliced; and immediately frozen, to lock in flavor, texture and freshness.

Manufacturing processes ensure that fruit and vegetables are “preserved” without need for chemicals and ready to enjoy for years after preparation.

The resulting products achieve gold standards for “clean labeling”

Potential for lower cost-of-goods by eliminating unnecessary inactive ingredients and incipients currently found in other solid dosage forms

The Well Fruit difference

The Well Fruit platform provides a revolutionary way to deliver a wide range of supplement and OTC (both Human and Pet) active ingredients:

  • Establishes new standard for clean label products
  • Superior dosing approach
  • Great tasting flavor experiences
  • Proven superior delivery system
  • Therapeutic speed/onset of action claim
  • Technology can leverage fruits and vegetables
    that are not cosmetically suited for downstream
    consumer market (reduce Food waste)

“Octopus Chart”

The Well Fruit Technology delivers

Enhanced Bioavailability of Active Ingredients:

The human body begins breaking down fruit nutrients early in the digestion process due to the macronutrient composition of fruits.

Enzymes (e.g., amylase, a salivary enzyme), combined with the high level of insoluble fibers in fruit, begin digestion in the mouth, enabling a more rapid transition through the gut into the blood stream via the small intestine.

Active ingredients are carried along with the fruit particles to allow for more rapid availability within the blood stream.

The conventional digestion/absorption time of capsule ortablet delivery systems in the stomach is believed to be significantly reduced by the Well Fruit technology due to the way the “host” fruits and vegetables are processed by the body – faster bioavailability is a major therapeutic advantage for most human and pet medicines

Who we are

John Linderman, CEO, Board Chairman

  • Experienced innovation consultant to OTC and CPG markets and entrepreneur

Jeff Rome, President

  • Experienced CPG executive in Food, Pet Care, Confectionery, Beverage and innovation in functional foods.

Jim Mosbaugh, Chief Science Officer

  • Focus on chemistry/product development across food and dietary supplements, OTC/API, with a focus on sustainable and natural raw materials.

Rick Continelli, Board Advisor

  • CPG industry senior executive

Contact Us

Contact Us

John Linderman

Jeff Rome

Company Address:
33 Cannon Rd, Wilton,
CT 06897